Grand Alumni Homecoming Memories

It was my great pleasure to see all the school’s alumni gather back to school last December 2022. Welcome back! It was in this school where you had spent significant years. Your alma mater where you had great memories to cherish and reminisce. Your presence had made it a very significant one. I was sure you already had so much fun since morning from the caravan up to lunch time.

That grand homecoming had been my long wish and desire until the day it had became a reality. Thanks to all the alumni officers and to all B and M Panares Memorial National High School faculty alumni coordinators who had moved mountains just to realize that dream.

I acknowledged the different B and M faculty who were the batch coordinators. Thank you dear teachers for a job well done. Without you that event might not be as wonderful as it was.

I enjoyed it so much as it was unfolded the whole day. Thank you for the memories!

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